Steps to check if there is a place in our marina!

1. Inform your arrival at our marina by SMS

2. Call the person in charge of the marina for confirmation

3. Early in the morning on arrival day you confirm with SMS and give us the below information:Arrival Date, Departure Date, type of motor boat, sailing boat, length and draft, as well as the ports of origin and destination.

Person in charge of the marina ROSOLATOS NIKOLAOS 22890 28790 & 6946942091

The harbors that are available to accommodate tourist boats.

New Port

Old Port



Water10 € / per Cubic
Electricity0,65 € / kilowatt hour

Available “fills” Water and Electricity are:10€,20€,30€,50€,100€,200€ and 300€


Kind of yachtLengthPrice
Small boats0 - 7 m.0.03 € / metre+taxes
Professional tourist dayboatsIrrespective of length0.08 € / metre+taxes
Professional recreational craft7,01 m. and over0.02 € / metre+taxes
Private pleasure boats7,01 - 10 m0.41 € / metre+taxes
Private pleasure boats10,01 - 15 m0.46 € / metre+taxes
Private pleasure boats15,01 and over0.55 € / metre+taxes
Traditional shipsIrrespective of length0.08 € / metre+taxes

Payload fees

Dock leveeships with private pleasure boats
pleasure boats, small boats, business day tourists,
as well as traditional ships, result in a 25% surcharge
corresponding mooring berth.

According to KYA. No 8122.1 / 29 / 16.7.2014
(Government Gazette 2032 / Β / 25-07-2014)

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