It is imperative that Port Authorities and Port Operators take care of demarcation of Port Zones (designation or simulation) in their jurisdictions in order to:

There is responsible management, exploitation and port development.
Clarify the territorial scope of the Port Administration and Port Authority.
There are no doubts as to whether or not he can exercise his substantive competence.
Avoiding transgressions of public places.


The ports belonging to the port of Mykonos Port Authority.


The port of Mykonos provides all the services it needs for a comfortable, modern and safe cruise.


Areas of hospitality of tourist boats belonging to the area of responsibility of the Port of Mykonos.


The following fishing shelters belong to the area of responsibility of the Mykonos Port Facility.

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Let us know before you arrive in our marina by phone or SMS by providing us with the following information:

Arrival Date, Departure Date, type of motor boat, sailing boat, measures and draft, as well as the ports of origin and destination.

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