The Municipal Port Facility of Mykonos was established in 2003 according to the following Presidential Decrees and Decisions of the General Secretary of the Region:

The PD. 28/2003 (Government Gazette A ’34/2003) «Abolition of the Cyclades».
Decision No 12011/2003 of the General Secretary of the Region (Government Gazette A ‘1847/2003) “Approval of the Internal Service Organization of the Hellenic Ministry of Finance. Mykonos, Cyclades. ”
The Government Gazette 1847B / 11-12-03 (amended by the decision No 4453/04 of the General Secretariat of the South Aegean Region), which defines the Organization of Internal Legal Service of the Municipal Port Authority of Mykonos Prefecture Cyclades’.
The responsibilities of the organization are as follows:

Office of Legal Affairs.

Keeping a file of legal affairs.
Representing and defending the interests of the LAMB in the courts.
Opinion on legal issues.
The legal processing of contracts.

Department of Administrative and Financial Services.

Handling all issues of an administrative nature.
Handling all issues related to staff recruitment, monitoring of relevant legislation, updating of individual files, pensions, etc.
Invoice to Receive Incoming / Outgoing Mail Logging, Archiving.
Secretarial support, printout, typing, call center.
Care for safekeeping – maintenance of building installations, cleanliness etc.
Ensuring timely consideration of complaints submitted by citizens and their valid information on matters affecting them.
Caring for preparation – modifying the annual budget and monitoring its implementation.
Drawing up an annual balance sheet.
Managing all expenditure as well as clearing salaries and staff compensation.
Ensuring the collection of each revenue and the payment of each Port Facility’s liability.

Department of Technical Services. Planning, Design and Supervision Office.

The elaboration of the program for the development of the facilities of the Port Authority’s jurisdiction.
Handling of issues related to harbor zones as well as issues of town planning, land use and expropriation.
The elaboration of techno-economic studies of infrastructure and buildings.
The imprinting of port works and installations.
The design function.
Auctioning, monitoring, supervision, operation, receipt, maintenance, refurbishment and repair of the Port Facility’s works and all kinds of facilities.
Running small projects with self-employment.
The care of green areas in the Port Authority jurisdiction.
The elaboration of regulations for the use of Port Facility projects and facilities.
Keeping and updating a project file.

Office of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance.

The development of a program and studies of the development and renewal of electromagnetic equipment.
The study and drafting of technical specifications for the supply of machinery, floating means and any kind of electromechanical and electrical equipment.
The study and drafting of technical specifications for the procurement of machinery to avoid accidents and damage.
The repair and maintenance of the electromechanical equipment, machinery and floating facilities and their keeping ready for disposal.
The management of fuels and lubricants
The maintenance of a registry and archive of electromechanical, electrical equipment outside the computer systems belonging to the Department of Administrative-Financial Services and their cost.

Cleaning office

Caring for the cleanliness and decoration of communal areas, terrestrial and maritime areas under the responsibility of the Port Authority.


The ports belonging to the port of Mykonos Port Authority.


The port of Mykonos provides all the services it needs for a comfortable, modern and safe cruise.


Areas of hospitality of tourist boats belonging to the area of responsibility of the Port of Mykonos.


The following fishing shelters belong to the area of responsibility of the Mykonos Port Facility.

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