The Municipal Port Authority of Mykonos was established in 2003 in accordance with the following Presidential Decrees and Decisions of the General Secretariat of the Region:

The P.D. 28/2003 (Government Gazette A ’34/2003) “Abolition of the Cyclades Avenue”.

The Decision No. 12011/2003 of the General Secretary of the Region (Government Gazette A ‘1847/2003) “Voting of the Internal Service Organization of the DLT. Mykonos, Cyclades Prefecture “.

Government Gazette No. 1847BD / 11-12-03 (amended by Decision No. 4453/04 of the General Secretary of the South Aegean Region), which defines the Organization of the Internal Service of Municipal Legal Entities of the Municipal Port Fund of Mykonos Prefecture Cyclades “.

The responsibilities of the body are as follows:

Office of Legal Affairs.

Keeping a file of legal cases.
Representation and defense of the interests of DLTM in the courts.
The opinion on legal issues.
The legal elaboration of contracts.

Department of Administrative and Financial Services.

The handling of all matters of an administrative nature.
The handling of all issues related to staff recruitment, monitoring of relevant legislation, updating of individual files, leave pensions, etc.
Receipt of incoming-outgoing mail protocol, archiving.
Secretarial support, reproduction of forms, typing, call center.
The care for the safekeeping – maintenance of the building facilities, cleanliness etc.
The care for timely examination of the complaints submitted by the citizens and their valid information on issues that concern them.
Taking care of the preparation – modification of the annual budget and the monitoring of its implementation.
The preparation of an annual report – balance sheet.
The management of any expenses as well as the liquidation of salaries and allowances of staff.
The care for the collection of every income and the payment of every obligation of the Port Fund.

Department of Technical Services. Planning – Studies – Supervision Office.

The elaboration of the development program of the facilities of the areas of jurisdiction of the Port Fund.
The handling of issues related to port zones as well as issues of road planning, spatial planning and expropriations.
The elaboration of techno-economic studies of infrastructure projects and buildings.
The capture of the works and facilities of the port.
The drawing room function.
The auction, monitoring, supervision, operation, receipt, maintenance, renovation and repair of projects and all types of facilities of the Port Fund.
Execution of small projects with self-supervision.
The care of the green in the areas of jurisdiction of the Port Fund.
The elaboration of regulations for the use of the projects and facilities of the Port Fund.
Maintaining and updating a project file.

Office of Electrical and Machinery Maintenance.

The elaboration of a program and studies for the development and renewal of electromagnetic equipment.
The study and drafting of technical specifications for the supply of machinery, vessels and all kinds of electromechanical and electrical equipment.
The study and drafting of technical specifications for the supply of machinery to avoid accidents and damage.
The repair and maintenance of electromechanical equipment, machinery installations and vessels and keeping them on standby.
Fuel and lubricant management
The maintenance of a register and file of electromechanical, electrical equipment outside computer systems that belongs to the Department of Administrative – Financial services and their costs.

Cleaning office

The care for the cleanliness and tidiness of the common areas, land and sea area of responsibility of the Port Fund.