Newspaper of the Service

Newspaper of the Service

It is an indisputable fact that the action of the Public Administration must be governed both by the principle of transparency, i.e. by the obligation of the Administration to ensure, where this is possible based on the applicable legislation, the publicity of the decisions and actions of its bodies, as well as the principle of information and access of citizens and businesses to public documents, with the aim of creating an open and transparent Public Administration to citizens and businesses.
An important and essential role in the continuous and valid information of citizens and businesses is played by IT and communication technologies in combination with the spread of the Internet, which provide means and practices for publicizing the actions of the Public Administration and for continuous information with reliability and security as dictated by the democratic values.
In this direction, the Ministry of the Interior, in order to contribute to the fuller and more effective implementation of transparency in the action of the Public Administration and to the strengthening of the right of citizens and businesses to access and know administrative documents, introduces the electronic newspaper in the area of ​​its services of Public Administration, under the name “Newspaper of the Service”.


Therefore, in accordance with the above, “Journal of the Service” means a specific web page on the Internet site (Website) of the Service, in which the administrative documents produced by the Service are published, in a predetermined manner and in accordance with the limitations and conditions provided by the existing legislation for the protection of interests, rights and legal goods.



The administrative documents of the Service will generally be published in the “Service Newspaper”, provided that the conditions for the protection of personal data, as defined in Law 2472/1997, will be met.

Examples include:

Regulatory administrative acts
Individual administrative acts published in the Government Gazette
Executive administrative acts (individual simple or complex)
Verification – confirmation
Acts of imposing administrative sanctions
Procurement – Contracts
Recruitment / appointments
Minutes of collective bodies (Municipal Councils, Boards of Directors, Service Councils, etc.)
Internal organization & operation regulations
Reporting reports, inspections & controls (labor, public works, health, etc.)
Statistics, etc.
Response documents with interpretive or clarifying content