Mykonos Meteorological Station

The installation of a wireless meteorological station in the building of the Municipal Port Fund of Mykonos has been completed

New Live Web Cameras in the New Port of Mykonos

The Municipal Port Fund of Mykonos announces that it is pleased to present the new Live Cameras in the New Port of Mykonos

The Municipal Port Fund of Mykonos

as a port management and operator, welcomes you to its official website.


New Cruise Schedule 25-01-2023

The program is indicative based on the data we have at our disposal to date. There may be changes until the beginning of the tourist season. The website of D.L.T.…

Press Release – Call for Volunteers

The Port Authority of Mykonos on the occasion of search and rescue incidents, as well as marine pollution, in which the participation of volunteers, both private individuals and professionals, has …


We would like to inform you that on Friday 30/12/2022, online transactions to citizens-agents will be closed.
The above service will not be available due to change of financial year.

Steps to check if there is a place in our marina!

  1. Inform by announcing your arrival at our marina by SMS
  2. Call the marina manager for confirmation
  3. Inform us in the morning of the day that you are going to sail again by SMS providing us with the following information:

Date of Arrival, Date of Departure, the type of motor or sailing vessel, the measures and the sinking, as well as the ports of origin and destination.

Marina manager Rossolatos Nikolaos 22890 28790 & 6946942091


The Municipal Port Fund of Mykonos, as a port administration and operator, welcomes you to its official website. Our goal is to provide information on issues related to the port zones, the facilities of the two ports and the provision of our services to the residents of the island of Mykonos, as well as to all our visitors.


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Can I book a seat for my boat on a specific date?

NO, the port is public and you do not allow the reservation of seats, as well as the annual mooring.

The tourist boat that will arrive first will be served first. A few hours before the arrival of your boat you should contact the manager of the marina at 6946 942 091 to check availability.

What is the price of water and electricity supply to the docked land area vessels?

The charge for water is 10 € per cubic meter and for electricity 0.65 € per kilowatt hour.

The available “fillings” of water and electricity are: 10 €, 20 €, 30 €, 50 €, 100 €, 200 € and 300 €.


Call 22890-28933

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Passenger Charter of Rights

Passenger friend, inform about your rights!

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Was your trip cancelled?

Are you waiting to travel and the ship is not in port?

They didn’t give you the seat or the cabin you were entitled to?

Do you want to cancel your ticket?

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