Port of Mykonos The port of Mykonos is connected daily with Piraeus and Rafina
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CRUISE TO MYKONOS ISLAND The port of Mykonos provides all the services it needs for a comfortable, modern and safe cruise Read More Contact POPULAR DESTINATION SAILING & MOTOR YACHTS The following tourist accommodation areas are part of the
responsibility of the Mykonos Port Facility
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Mykonos Meteorological Station

The installation of a wireless meteorological station in the building of the Municipal Port Fund of Mykonos has been completed

New Live Web Cameras in the New Port of Mykonos

The Municipal Port Fund of Mykonos announces that it is pleased to present the new Live Cameras in the New Port of Mykonos


Please be advised that applications for the granting of a special right to use a site, within Mykonos Port Terminal, are submitted to the user prior to the seizure of the site and we provide you with the required supporting documents according to Law 2971/2001 for your convenience.

The marina of Mykonos is reopening normally after successful repairs of the rectangles

The position of each boat is strictly regulated by the Regulatory Act, depending on its measures

Responsible for the marina ROSOLATOS NIKOLAOS 22890 28790 & 6946942091

News - Competitions

Steps to check if there is a place in our marina!

1. Inform your arrival at our marina by SMS

2. Call the person in charge of the marina for confirmation

3. Early in the morning on arrival day you confirm with SMS and give us the below information:Arrival Date, Departure Date, type of motor boat, sailing boat, length and draft, as well as the ports of origin and destination.

Person in charge of the marina ROSOLATOS NIKOLAOS 22890 28790 & 6946942091

Announcement on the 2020 Cruise Program

Due to the pandemic (COVID-19) all scheduled cruise ship arrivals in the ports of Mykonos Island are canceled until 31-07-2020. You will be notified immediately of any developments in the restart of Maritime Tourism

Ship Sharing

See real-time ship positions.

President of M.P.A.M.

Dimitrios Manesis

The Municipal Port Authority of Mykonos

As the operator of port management, welcomes you to its official website.

722517 +

Visitors from the coast

3700 +


501 +





It is imperative that Port Authorities and Port Operators take care of demarcation of Port Zones (designation or simulation) in their jurisdictions in order to:

There is responsible management, exploitation and port development.
Clarify the territorial scope of the Port Administration and Port Authority.
There are no doubts as to whether or not he can exercise his substantive competence.
Avoiding transgressions of public places.

The LAMB Services are structured as follows:

1. Office of Legal Affairs.
2. Department of Administrative and Financial Services.
2a. Office of Administrative Services
2b. Financial Services Office
3. Department of Technical Services.
3a. Planning, Design and Project Office
3b. Office of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance
3c. Cleaning office
3d. Vehicle Traffic & Maintenance Office

Today, the Municipal Port Authority of Mykonos is staffed with 18
Total staff of the following staff:

1. EP Financial 1
2. EP Architects 1
3. RU Electrical Engineering 1
4. Administrative Secretaries 1
5. Electricians 2
6. Computer Operators 1
7. Drivers 2
8. Hydraulic 1
9. Warden of the Shelter 1
10. Purifiers of Buildings 1
11. Cleaners of External Public Services

The Municipal Port Facility of Mykonos was established in 2003 according to the following Presidential Decrees and Decisions of the General Secretary of the Region:
The PD. 28/2003 (Government Gazette A ’34/2003) «Abolition of the Cyclades».
Decision No 12011/2003 of the General Secretary of the Region (Government Gazette A ‘1847/2003) “Approval of Internal Audit Organization of the Hellenic Ministry of Finance”. Mykonos, Cyclades. “

There are two ports in Mykonos. The old port of Mykonos in Chora of the island and the new port 3.5 km north of the country, in the turtle turtle. The new port of Mykonos is under construction and has been created to meet the ever-increasing transport needs of the island and will be the result of the completion of the major infrastructure project for Mykonos.



The Municipal Port Authority of Mykonos as a port management and exploiting port, welcomes you to its official website. Our goal is to inform you about the port areas, the facilities of the two ports and our services to the inhabitants of Mykonos, as well as to all our visitors.



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Can I close a seat for my boat on a specific date?

NO, the port is public and you can not reserve seats, as well as the annual docking.

The tourist boat that will approach first will be served first. Just a few hours before your boat arrives, you should contact the Marina at 6946 942 091 to check availability.

What is the value of the water and power supply to the land-based docked boats?

The charge for water is 10 € per cubic meter and for the current 0.65 € per kilowatt hour.

Available water and power “fills” are: 10€,20€,30€,50€,100€,200€ και 300€.


Call 22890-28933