Before and during high speed winds

  • Secure your boats in order not to cause an accident to adjacent boats
  • Check your anchors, cords and ropes on your pickets
  • Place buffers on the sides of your boats to prevent damage from possible impacts
  • Secure objects that can fall from the wind and may cause damage or injury
  • Secure the posted signs that you have posted.
  • Lock the doors and windows of your boat or workspace.
  • Avoid activities in sea and coastal areas.
  • Avoid passing under large trees, under hanging signs and generally from areas where light objects (eg pots, broken glass, etc.) may move and fall into the ground (eg under balconies) .
  • Do not work outdoors during high winds.
  • Those who have pergolas in their shops, check the piles of joints and woods.
  • Please secure umbrellas or awnings and store them in a safe place to avoid accidents
  • Do not walk to the edge of the harbor.
  • Do not walk on the coastal road of old – new harbor, on the wall, because there is a risk of falling from a large height and a fatal accident.



If you are on board or in a building

  • Secure items that may be swept by wind or heavy rain and may cause damages or injuries.
  • Check the stability of the advertising signs that you have posted.
  • Lock the doors and windows.
  • Do not use electrical appliances or the phone  due to possibility of a lighting . Disconnect the TV devices from the antenna and power supply.
  • Avoid touching the plumbing pipes (kitchen, bathroom) as they are good conductors of electricity.


If you are outdoors

  • Find safe cover in a building or in a car. otherwise sit on the ground without lying down.
  • Never stand under a tall tree in open area.
  • Avoid low pavements due to high  flood risk.
  • Do not stand side by side on pillars, power lines, telephone lines and hedges.
  • Do not approach metal objects (eg cars, bicycles, camping equipment, etc.).
  • Avoid the portholes or other  sources of water.
  • Move immediately from near the sea area.
  • If you are isolated on a flat surface and feel your hair lifted (which indicates that a lightning will occur soon), make a deep head seat between the legs (to minimize the surface of your body and your contact with the land) by removing away  the metal objects you have on you.