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Since 1991, a study was commissioned to highlight the development potential of Mykonos in order to plan the necessary modern infrastructure, so that it can respond to the changing and dynamic phenomenon of Tourism. The focus of this development policy was to ensure the delicate balance between the exploitation of natural resources and the preservation of the natural/man-made environment and the color of the island.



  1.     Construction of the New Port in Tourlos Bay by the Ministry of the Interior

DESCRIPTION: The new port of Mykonos was created to meet the ever-increasing transport needs of the island and will constitute, after its completion, a major infrastructure project for Mykonos.



   2.  Extension of the land area north of the old port.

DESCRIPTION: Development of an island with parking spaces, creation of a fishing shelter, canal, siting of a passenger station, fish ladder, Mykonos Naval Group building, renovation of a Slaughterhouse building into a mini market, siting of a waste absorption building.

STAGE: Excavations, Earthworks and Topographic Surveys.


 1.  Study of the construction of a transverse arm for mooring boats at the southern pier of the old port of Mykonos.

DESCRIPTION: Creation of a new transverse arm parallel to the existing one of Ag. Nikolaou, for mooring of fishing boats and pleasure boats, which will offer fixed positions for stern/mooring of a significant number of boats, utilization of the northern face of the existing arm, provision of berths for the approach of day boats that carry out excursions to Delos, improvement of the working conditions of fishermen .

STAGE: The final study, tender documents have been completed, it is in the environmental impact study stage for the entire old port of Mykonos.

  2.  Optimizing the use of port facilities of the Old Port of Mykonos.

DESCRIPTION: Study examining the terms and conditions under which it will be possible to re-use the Old Port of Mykonos for yachts, in combination with the formulation of a more general Management Plan for the existing port infrastructure with techno-economic criteria for the benefit of the island’s tourism. Included is the identification of the additional works and facilities required and described in a preliminary stage.

STAGE: Pre-study.

3.  Construction of Karaoli and Dimitriou square.

DESCRIPTION: Design study of Karaoli & Dimitriou square and redevelopment of the wider area with the aim of unifying the surroundings of the Town Hall with the Mavrou building.

STAGE: Pre-study.

4.    Study of a port facility for unloading aggregates in the port of Lulou.

DESCRIPTION: Five alternatives for the unloading of aggregates at the port of Loulou with a comparative description of advantages and disadvantages and an indicative project budget.

STAGE: Pre-study.